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Marble, Granite, Precious Metals

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"MARBLE-2000" Ltd.


"MARBLE-2000" is a company with a long tradition in the production and processing of natural cladding materials - marble, granite and limestone. The company has its own production bases.

Landscape performance assessment is critical to both of these, and is also important for estimating liability and levels of financial assurance. Every piece of land is unique and offers different materials and microenvironments, ecoscaping aims to design in harmony with the land and create an environmentally healthy and sustainable landscape. It differs from, but embraces traditional reclamation. This system became the foundation of today's Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The scope of the profession includes landscape design; site planning; stormwater management; environmental restoration; parks and recreation planning; visual resource management; green infrastructure planning and provision; and private estate and residence landscape master planning and design; all at varying scales of design, planning and management.

Factors in designing also include subjective qualities such as: genius loci (the special site qualities to emphasize); client's needs and preferences; desirable plants and elements to retain on site, modify, or replace, and available to use as borrowed scenery from beyond; artistic composition from perspectives of both looking upon and being in the *gardens; spatial development and definition; plant palettes in designed layouts, and artistic focal points for enjoyment. Thomas Church was a mid-century landscape architect significant in the profession. An example is the extensive work by André Le Nôtre at Vaux-le-Vicomte and for King Louis XIV of France at the Palace of Versailles. It can also be described as green engineering, but the design professionals best known for landscape engineering are landscape architects.

Landscape architecture continues to develop as a design discipline, and to respond to the various movements in architecture and design throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The iterative process of planning, design, and performance assessment by a multidisciplinary team is the basis of landscape engineering. Factors in designing include objective qualities; such as the climate and microclimates; topography and orientation, site drainage and groundwater recharge; municipal and resource building codes, soils and irrigation, human and vehicular access and circulation, recreational amenities (i.e.: sports and water), furnishings and lighting, native plant habitat botany when present, property safety and security, construction detailing, and other measurable considerations.

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• 10 PCs disc cutter with a diameter of from 1200 to 2500 mm;

• 4 piece bridge cutting machine, with disc diameter 600 mm;

• 5 PCs disc cutter with a diameter of 350 mm;

• 1 PCs automatic polarama line for plates;

• 5 PCs manual machines for polishing plates and arrays;

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Objects that are built with our materials (marble, Liparit, granite) are: Sports center "Maxi", "Constantine Palace", the building of the PD 113 ecc... The company has highly qualified staff and modern high-tech machine that makes it a desirable partner for domestic and international market.

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The company has highly qualified staff and modern high-tech machine that makes it a desirable partner for domestic and international market. The company provides professional installation, produced from it Krasnokamenka marble products, Liparit and granite producer prices.